Welcome to the
Parent Teacher Association

We are a primarily a fundraising body that helps to provide things that are not able to be provided for in the school's normal budget. We also help create the rich community feel in the school involving all kids, staff, parents and the locality.

We come in all shapes, sizes, lifestyles. Most of us are juggling mums and dads with varying levels of time to give. Some are super organised, some super scatty and most somewhere in between – we can't make every meeting nor volunteer for every event but neither are we expected to. You can do lots or just the odd thing.

We run fun, social (and sometimes educational!) events which raise funds for the school including our annual curry and quiz, school discos and the Summer and Christmas Fairs. We provide helpers at school events and activities such as running refreshments, clearing up and helping out in the school garden. We have fun together; PTA is a great way to meet and make friends.

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